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  • Jayne Corbett

Art vs snapshots

What role does art play in a world where cameras and images are so available? Art can communicate feelings and emotions that also carry a message. Ken does wildlife art. By composing with light, shapes and colors, he tries to communicate the awe and exhilaration he feels as he sees such animals in the wild, his respect for them and the gratitude he feels to God in creating them. His most diligent attempts sometimes fail to meet his expectations of what he wants to communicate so he keeps painting and growing and painting some more. Cameras are a useful tool, but unless personally experienced, it’s hard to know the true colors of nature. Today we have a choice, we can live a life with a bombardment of plain and meaningless images or we can seek out art that inspires us to be better and more grateful for our blessings and also remember the message it contains- or not…