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  • Jayne Corbett

Why Look at Art

Being the wife of an artist, I have been pondering about why one should look at art. Art is a form of communication. The artist has felt and experienced something and creates a work to share this. Take away the audience and the artwork will lose all its meaning. I made the mistake this week of asking Ken, “What he wanted to paint for himself?” Now, this seems ridiculous to me. He is not painting for himself to give himself pleasure. He is painting to communicate with others. Every canvas has the hope that someone will see it and feel about it as he does. My husband does many portraits and commissions. These add the challenge of portraying not only what the artist feels but also what those who commissioned the work envisioned. With this being said, likes and especially comments mean so much. Take a look and see what you feel from Ken’s art. Kencorbettart.com We are also trying out a new app called artloupe